Frozen Fever

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It’s Anna’s birthday, and Elsa wants everything to be perfect for her sister. That means that Elsa is not about to let a cold ruin the special day—but could a few sneezes cause chaos? Find out in the adaptation of the short feature film from the creators of Frozen that not only brings back favorite friends from the original, but also introduces many more! With artwork straight from the film as well as colorful designs and a lively retelling, your child is sure to enjoy the magic of story time as you snuggle up together with this delightful tale.

Tie-in Activity: Marshmallow Snowgies. Top hot chocolate with some snowgies! Use vanilla frosting to “glue” feet (two mini-marshmallows) to one large marshmallow, and then use black decorator gel to add eyes and a mouth.

Frozen Fever | Disney Book Club by Early Moments

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