101 Dalmatians

This classic adventure tale begins when two Dalmatians, Pongo and Perdita, go in search of their 17 stolen puppies. They’re horrified to discover that their pups—along with dozens more dogs—are being held captive by the notorious Cruella de Vil, who captures Dalmatians with the goal of making coats from their fur. Pongo and Perdita (with the help of their newfound animal friends) outwit the wicked Cruella and return home with all the pups for a total of 101 happy Dalmatians. This exciting tale teaches kids that tenacity, courage, and teamwork can help good triumph over evil.

Tie-in Activity: Reinforce the importance of animal care and health by taking your kids to visit a veterinarian’s office, dog shelter, or pet store. Teach them the many responsibilities involved in caring for a pet, along with the importance of spaying or neutering.
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