Disney’s latest tale from the cold North is sure to warm your heart. Based on the movie Frozen, this story introduces readers to Princess Elsa. The young girl has strange powers—she can magically make snow and ice appear! But because she can’t control her powers, Elsa is afraid of them and hides them from everyone. She even pushes her younger sister Anna away, although Anna never stops loving Elsa. When Elsa is crowned queen and her powers are revealed, the kingdom is left in a frozen mess! It’s up to Anna to help her sister and the kingdom. The vivid illustrations and simply-told story remind us that true love is the greatest power of all.

Tie-in Activity: Make your own snow cones. Under adult supervision, mix together 2 cups of sugar and ¾ cup of water in a pan. Bring mixture to a boil to make a simple syrup. Add a packet of your favorite flavor of powdered, unsweetened drink mix, and then let the mixture cool completely. Crush ice cubes in a blender and place the crushed ice in a paper cup. Pour a little syrup over the crushed ice for a frozen treat!
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