Monsters, Inc.

The only way to power the city of Monstropolis is to collect the screams of terrified children. When Sully, the No. 1 scarer at Monsters, Inc., accidently befriends a 2-year-old girl he nicknames Boo, he foils an evil plot by the company’s owner to kidnap children and collect their screams. Monsters, Inc. is a rib-tickling, fast-paced story about friendship, innocence, and things that go bump in the night!

Tie-in Activities: Help your child design a monster mask out of a paper plate. Your child can use glitter glue, pipe cleaners (they're great for hair), and non-toxic paint to create a monster scarier than Sully or his one-eyed friend, Mike. No monster can resist a sugar cookie, especially if it is decorated with his likeness. Bake some sugar cookies and stir up some vanilla frosting. Put a few drops of food coloring—it doesn't matter what color—into the frosting and mix it up. Then have your child design a scary cookie face using the frosting, gum drops, licorice, sprinkles, and other candies.
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