Around the Table

When everyone gathers around the table, it’s a time for togetherness, fun, and learning. Inspired by family mealtimes, this board book promotes the mathematical concept of one-to-one correspondence using the delightful Baby Einstein characters. As you turn each sturdy page, follow along together as a table is set for three friends. Easy-to-follow colors help children match each chair, plate, and cup to a character, so that little learners can visualize the concept of “one for you, one for you, and one for you.” Realizing that a number stands for an amount of something is a big step forward in thinking for a child. By focusing on one, this book is designed to help a child make that leap.

Tie-in Activity: Number It. Pick a number of the day and look for that number all around your home and neighborhood. Try to find the number in books, street signs, elevators, and toys. (For little ones, start with the number one!)