Count the Puppies

Count on your child enjoying this sturdy board book that’s filled with adorable puppies. The short verse and effective use of the Baby Einstein artwork helps to promote the numeracy concept of counting from one to five—which just happens to be the perfect number for counting on fingers or toes. As you read the story with your child, you can point out the number words, the numbers themselves, or the objects being counted. Of course, it is especially fun to count the cute puppies in the full-color photographs on each spread, though the Baby Einstein characters are equally adorable. Whether your child is ready to start counting or simply likes to look at puppies (and who doesn’t?) it all adds up to fun!

Tie-in Activity: Count the Bones. Gather some stuffed animals (a bear can become a “dog” if needed.) Make some “dog bones” out of play dough and count out one for each animal.