My First Book of Letters

This enchanting, oversized board book is designed to introduce youngsters to the world of letters. Using fine art as a backdrop, My First Book of Letters introduces the alphabet and relates it to familiar objects and real world experiences. Children will delight in playing “I-spy” with the paintings and parents will enjoy the interactive learning experience.

About Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries: We know that babies are passionately curious. They are fascinated by the sights and sounds around them, and every moment of every day is an opportunity for discovery. Created by a mom and designed specifically for babies and toddlers, Baby Einstein products provide fun and stimulating ways for parents and caregivers to interact with their children.

Tie-in Activity: Using the camera from a smart phone, tablet, or digital camera, create a personalized alphabet book or slide show for your little one starring your child’s friends, pets, toys, and family members. Capture familiar images that represent each letter of the alphabet: a photo of Aunt Annie for the letter “A,” a favorite ball or baby doll for the letter “B,” best friend Christopher for the letter “C,” Daddy for the letter “D,” and so on.