My First Book of Numbers

This enchanting, oversized board book is designed to introduce youngsters to the world of numbers and to assist them in understanding the significance of numbers and counting in their everyday world. With beautiful illustrations and captivating photographs of babies and familiar objects in repetitive sequences, youngsters will begin to understand numbers!

About Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries: We know that babies are passionately curious. They are fascinated by the sights and sounds around them, and every moment of every day is an opportunity for discovery. Created by a mom and designed specifically for babies and toddlers, Baby Einstein products provide fun and stimulating ways for parents and caregivers to interact with their children.

Tie-in Activity: You can “count” on making a long car trip a fun adventure by going on a numbers hunt. Be on the lookout for numbers on mailboxes, billboards, road signs, commercial trucks, and license plates. Ask your child if he can find the red number 6 that you’re about to pass or how many numbers he can identify on the license plate in front of your car.