Happy Birthday

Your little one may not know exactly what a birthday is, but he or she will soon realize it is a very special time. And while a child’s birthday only comes once a year, there’s new life to celebrate every day! Whether it is a sprouting plant, a baby chick, or a delicate butterfly, this delightful board book can help you point out these tiny miracles to your baby. The word patterns and repetition will help build your child’s language skills, while the colorful photographs and charming Baby Einstein characters draw your child’s eye to the page. The durable board book is perfect if little fingers want to explore the page, too. There’s no need to wait for a birthday either, because reading is a gift you can give to your baby every day!

Tie-in Activity: Moment in Time. Years from now, remembering your child’s favorite toy, food, or activity may be a bit difficult. Jot down a list of “favorites” and keep a record along with a photo of your child from that particular time (it doesn’t have to be a birthday.) As the years pass, you’ll enjoy watching the changes.