I Hear Harmony

Playing at the park? Raking the leaves? The everyday sounds you hear could be music to your baby’s ears. This brightly illustrated book features favorite Baby Einstein characters delighting in a symphony of sounds heard in familiar settings. It also introduces your baby to a variety of sound words (called onomatopoeia) such as rustle and whoosh. If your older child is already familiar with these fun-to-say words, allow her to add her own “harmonies” to storytime by imitating the sounds as you read the verses aloud.

Tie-in Activity: When you take your baby out and about, point out the different sounds you hear, especially if you can hear more than one thing. Encourage your baby to listen for them as well, to foster his ability to differentiate between sounds. For an older child, make a game by writing a list of sounds you might hear and checking off each one when he hears it.