Mealtime Music

Mealtimes are a part of a child’s everyday routine, but that doesn’t mean that mealtimes have to be boring. This fun-filled book reminds us that mealtimes can be feasts of all the senses, including the sense of hearing. The rollicking verse and colorful photographs in this board book show readers how food can create “music” as it is prepared and enjoyed. With Baby Einstein characters along for every crunch and slurp, it’s a board book designed to elicit smiles and giggles from the two of you. (And perhaps make you both hungry for a snack!)

Tie-in Activity: Listen For It. Spend a day listening for the “sounds” of food with your child: cereal pouring into a bowl, shaking a box of pasta, hearing a spoon scrape against a pot. Think of words that describe those sounds to help build your child’s language skills.