As your child first builds language skills, labels for people or things such as mama, dada, or doggy are among the first words he’s likely to understand and later to say. It’s a bit more difficult for him to grasp words for basic concepts such as over/under and on/off. But the whimsical characters that play through the pages of this delightful board book will help you introduce these ideas to your toddler by clearly showing each opposite pair. The simple language and colorful illustrations may encourage your child’s next step in language development.

Tie-in Activity: Learning basic concepts—many of which have direct opposites—helps to improve your child’s communication skills. To assist your child in understand these concepts, play games that help him use the concepts naturally. For example, help your child bounce on the bed as you recite the children’s rhyme “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed,” then lift your child off the bed when the rhyme calls for it.