See Me Sign

A baby will hear and understand many words long before she is able to say them, but she might also be able to sign them. Teaching your baby signs for common, everyday things gives her a way to express her needs in a concrete manner—and reduces frustration for both of you. This colorful board book introduces some common words, along with clear, simple photos that show how the sign is formed, and features adorable character art to show what each sign represents. It’s an easy introduction to the fun of signing.

Tie-in Activity: At around the age of eight months, a baby can make the hand motions needed for signing. But you can start teaching signs to your baby earlier than that, if you like. Make a game of it for the whole family. For example, your toddler can pretend to feed her teddy bear as you make the sign for “eat.” And when Daddy joins in, make the sign for “father.”