Seeing Shapes

Your baby’s world may seem simple, but the skills she is developing are anything but! Each day your baby encounters new things, and gradually learns the words for them. The bright, colorful pictures featured in this sturdy board book can help by reinforcing the words for some of these familiar objects. The sweet verse also promotes early sorting skills by showing baby which of these things are circles, squares, and so on. By simply reading this book together, you’ll be introducing your child to shapes and much more.

Tie-in Activity: As you introduce your baby to new words, make a game out of it. When you first give her an object, such as a ball, make sure to use the word repeatedly. As she grows, put two familiar objects, such as a book and a ball, in front of her. Ask her to touch one of them to see if she recognizes the word. Or let her touch an object first, remind her of the word, then play with it together.