Explore the Night Sky

Elmo Book Club by Early Moments

Take an imaginary out-of-Elmo’s-World trip with a friendly, furry red monster. Elmo looks at the moon and stars, and he explains simple science concepts about outer space in an easy-to-understand way. The whimsical illustrations contrast with real-world photos of outer space, and the artwork is sure to draw in the reader while helping to introduce the world far beyond our windows. To inspire further exploration, the Discover Space activity book features the planets in our solar system, a rocket countdown with Big Bird, and Elmo dancing on the moon! Encourage the scientist in your child with activities from the Adventure Cards, including using water to show a child the concepts of liquid, solid, and gas. Your little one will be blasting off into a new world of knowledge.

Tie-in Activity – Make a Starry Sky: Kids can use crayons to make a heavenly picture or try glamming one up with glitter. Have your child dribble washable glue over a sheet of black construction paper. Sprinkle glitter over the paper. Tap off excess glitter and let the starry picture dry. (Working in an old cookie sheet with a rim will keep any mess contained.) Ask your child to tell you about the things she included in her picture. Are there stars or planets? Count how many there are together.

Explore the Night Sky | Elmo Book Club by Early Moments

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