When Elmo Is Big

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Elmo is imagining what he’d like to do when he is big. Maybe he could be an astronaut and visit the moon. Perhaps he could be an archeologist and make exciting discoveries about people and things from long ago. Either way, the simple introduction to the work—and science—that is part of both jobs is sure to pique the curiosity of your little one. For more out-of-this-world learning, look through the pages of the What’s Up There? activity book. Help Grover finish his cardboard rocket, or follow Abby’s directions to make a shiny star decoration. There are more ways to play with the Adventure Cards, with suggestions for fashioning a homemade museum, or creating a “dig” for your child by burying small objects in a flowerpot for your child to discover.

Tie-in Activity – Countdown to Zero: Practice counting backwards all the way to zero, just as they do for a rocket launch. Put five pieces of a healthy snack on a plate and have your child count down after each one is eaten. When you reach zero, talk about how zero means that there are none left. What else can you count backwards to zero?

When Elmo Is Big | Elmo Book Club by Early Moments

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