Abby in Wonderland

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Follow fairy-in-training Abby Cadabby as she chases a furry, red (familiar-looking) rabbit down a hole and into a wonderful new world! The delightful twist on the classic story Alice in Wonderland is fun for readers of all ages. Follow along as Abby meets the Counterpillar and the Cheshire Cookie Cat, and watch as she uses her rhyming skills to get her wand back from the Grouch of Hearts. The full-color Story Wonderland activity book includes even more classic story fun with beloved Sesame Street friends, from an African folktale to a creativity-building, imagination activity. Finally, to continue the learning even after the storybook is closed, reach for the Adventure Cards. This set of cards not only displays simple concepts such as “seven,” but also encourages curiosity and good behavior with fun-to-do activities and thoughtful questions.

Tie-in Activity – Indoor Croquet: In the storybook, Abby and Oscar play a very goofy game of croquet. Look around the house to find things you and your child can use in your own silly version. Be creative—and safe by using stuffed animals and paper towel rolls as mallets to knock crumpled paper or rolled-up sock “balls” through “hoops” you build out of wooden blocks and other found objects. Set the game up in a large open area and have fun!

Abby in Wonderland | Elmo Book Club by Early Moments

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