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Let Elmo take your child on a trip from Ape to Zebra in Animal Alphabet. With the help of his Sesame Street friends, Elmo introduces animals for each letter of the alphabet, such as the kicky kangaroo and the kindly koala. By using a child’s natural fascination with animals, the storybook helps develop the important skills of letter and sound recognition. The pack also includes the full-color Animal Fun activity book, which reinforces a variety of learning concepts and critical thinking skills through puzzles, games, and quizzes. Finally, the Adventure Cards let you extend the learning off the page. This set spotlights simple concepts, such as “yellow” and “pet,” on one side of the card and includes ideas for together-time learning fun, such as playing a squeaking (and counting) game using the Rubber Duckie card.

Tie-in Activity – Make a Letter Creature: On a sheet of colored construction paper, outline a large letter Z to form the creature’s body, neck, and head; and two slightly smaller letter Vs for the legs. Help your child cut out the letters. Then glue the bottoms of the Vs (legs) to the bottom of the Z (body). Allow your child to finish the creature by using brown crayons or markers to draw a face and add brown spots to the giraffe. Draw and cut-out other letters to embellish your creature or make new ones.

Animal Alphabet | Elmo Book Club by Early Moments

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