My A & B Storybook

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There are two letter-learning stories in this one delightful storybook. Like all children, Big Bird wonders what he might be when he grows up. An artist, an athlete, an astronaut? Your child will join Big Bird’s imaginative journey while practicing to recognize the letter A at the same time. Then it’s time to follow Zoe’s bouncing ball through the neighborhood as she chases after it—and passes many things that begin with the letter B. The learning continues in the What Will I Be? activity book. Your child will see what favorite Sesame Street friends want to do when they get big, while enjoying activities such as counting, coloring, and connect-the-dots. The Adventure Cards complete the pack by encouraging your child to think about what she’d like to be when she grows up and providing fun-to-do family activities—such as making an edible letter A out of pretzel sticks.

Tie-in Activity – Letter Hunt: Go on a letter hunt around the house. Choose a letter, such as A, and have your child try to spot that letter on books, cereal boxes, board games, clothing, and other easy-to-access items. To add to the game, use a kitchen timer to clock the challenge or keep track of how many times your child finds the letter—and “celebrate” with an A food (such as apples) if she can find 10 or more!

My A & B Storybook | Elmo Book Club by Early Moments

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