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Wonderful words for each letter of the alphabet are playfully celebrated in the Sesame Street Dictionary. Elmo, Zoe, and other lovable Sesame Street friends illustrate what each word means with simple-to-understand text and colorful pictures. This single book offers 26 chances to expand your child’s vocabulary and encourage letter recognition. Your child will also enjoy the Wonderful Words activity book that is filled with things to do, including a “Moving Words” maze that encourages your child to get up and get moving, plus a playground adventure with Zoe and Elmo that helps your child discover relational concepts such as up, down, over, and under. Don’t forget about the Adventure Cards! This set features the letter L, introduces the concept of subtraction, and provides ideas for setting up a pretend library using your child’s own book collection.

Tie-in Activity – Favorite Word Dictionary: Help your child make his own dictionary. Ask him to think of a different word that starts with each letter of the alphabet (you might help with some ideas) then have him draw pictures illustrating each word. Allow him to tell you what each word means, and write that definition next to each picture.

Sesame Street Dictionary | Elmo Book Club by Early Moments

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